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Blooming Beards | 2016 Calendar

Twelve beards, twelve men. One calendar, one cause. $2 from your purchase of this calendar will be donated to Men's Health Australia, helping to raise awareness of the social and psychological health and wellbeing of men and boys. So thanks!

For sale at $25 exclusively through Le Flâneur Artisan Boutique, 4/290 Crown Street Wollongong, NSW. PH: 0431 151 441.

Here are the links to the store's Instagram ( & Facebook ( pages, where you can get in contact with Le Flâneur about postage of calendars if you are not local to the area.


Talk About Men: International Men's Day Masculinity Debate now online | YouTube video | SoundCloud audio

The International Men's Day Masculinity Debate, presented by Talk About Men, was a wonderful evening full of stimulation discussions.

The event is now online at the following locations:

You can listen to the entire unedited audio of the event on Soundcloud at

Pete Nicholls' introduction (Dads in Distress) is up as a YouTube video at

Nic Tovey's talk (Soulcraft) is up as a YouTube video at

Greg Andresen's talk (One in Three Campaign) is up as a YouTube video at You can also read a transcript at

Tanveer Ahmed's talk (psychiatrist, author and local politician) is up as a YouTube video at


Talk About Men: International Men's Day Masculinity Debate

To mark International Men's Day in Sydney on Thursday 19th November 2015, five great speakers will debate the question:

"If masculinity is in crisis, what needs to change, men or society?"

The speakers will include:

  • Greg Andresen of the One in Three campaign for male victims of family violence
  • Nic Tovey, founder of Soulcraft which providers coaching and counselling for men
  • Greg Millan, men's health specialist and President of the Men's Health Forum NSW
  • Tanveer Ahmed, psychiatrist, author and local politician 
  • Dave Merrick, teacher

Anyone who's got a personal or professional interest in men's issues in Australia will want to come along and take part in this lively discussion, which will include a Q&A session where audience members get to have their say.

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Just 10 days until Men's Health Week - order your free posters and fliers now!

Men's Health Week 2014 runs from June 9th to 15th. This year's theme is Celebrating Your AchieveMENts - celebrating the great things our boys and our blokes bring to our lives! Through the different parts of our lives, men and boys are celebrating their everyday achievements and getting healthy in the process...

There are currently 111 events planned for this year's MHW, and more are being registered every day. Check out the official website for more details, and while you're there, take the time to order your free posters and fliers.


In defence of the Modern [Aussie] Man

On International Men’s Day this year (November 19th), advertising and marketing company M&C Saatchi released a White Paper titled The Modern [Aussie] Man. The Paper was the result of eight months of one-to-one interviews with 140 men, primarily aged 27-55 years, from a broad cross section of Australian demographics, workforce and geography.

Seventy men were influential leaders, marketers and role models from business, sport, military, popular culture, hospitality, philanthropy, academia, men’s health and wellbeing, education, media, advertising and fashion. Seventy were everyday men from around Australia, including construction and white collared workers, sales assistants, baristas and bartenders.

To quote from the Paper,

“The Modern [Aussie] Man study is not, and was never intended to be, a definitive summation of Australian men’s character, anthropology and imperfections. Nor is it the creation of a new set of male archetypes. Its aim is to draw a line under historic truths and modern day perceptions, and help move society to a new place of heightened awareness and mutual respect.
“How? By discovering whether Australian masculinity behind-the-scenes differs from the stereotypes of sporty, resilient, self-mocking, laid-back, unromantic and outdoorsy. Are Australian men making progress in the development of gender parity sensibilities, while retaining strong, positive manliness? Are the majority sexist dinosaurs? Or have they succumbed to female will and turned into emasculated wimps?
“This study investigates what is going on in a significant sample of Australian men’s heads, to contribute to the wider discussion about how both genders can create a world where there is mutual equality and respect.”

The Paper generated a great deal of discussion in the mainstream media and blogosphere - both positive and negative. 

The Equality4Men blog by England’s Glen Poole contained a great article titled Men are too scared to talk about gender issues says Advertising giant… and the Herald’s Sam de Brito wrote a balanced op-ed titled Ladies, why so serious? The report also received good coverage by SBS,, The Good Men Project, Channel 9 News, the Daily Telegraph, and the Financial Review.

Three very hostile attacks were found in the Fairfax ‘Daily Life’ blog, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian. In defence of the Modern [Aussie] Man, the major myths created by these attacks need to be dispelled.

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