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EMALE Issue 90 (September 2010)

In this month's issue:

huge response to CHECK IT event

are you getting enough sleep?

new men’s health & wellbeing training courses

aussie youth play it safe when it comes to sex info

future events

  • Exercise Your Mood Week September 11-19

news briefs

  • New Report Details Men’s Health in New York City
  • Victoria’s Consultation Summary for the Men's health and wellbeing strategy 2010-14 released
  • Beyond Blue to Green: The benefits of contact with nature for mental health & well-being
  • Cats star urges young men to play safe with their health

new resources

  • The Australian Directory of Men's Support Services

A Handbook of Men's Health

This Handbook is an ideal reference for those in public health, health promotion and general clinical practice. The chapters follow through each stage of life, from youth to maturity, allowing readers to quickly find the information that they need. A chapter on the law and ethics provides a professional guide to complex areas such as the rights of same-sex couples, men’s access to children, anti-discrimination legislation, sexual abuse of males and infertility treatments.

A Handbook of Men's Health