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New Centre Puts Focus On Men's Health

The first Australian health care service focussed specifically on the health of men was officially opened in North Melbourne today.

The Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer and Men's Health will cater to male patients experiencing conditions such as prostate cancer, infertility, sexual dysfunction, depression and addiction.

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Insights into men's suicide (UK)

Authors Susan Beaton, Suicide Prevention Consultant and Dr Peter Forster, University of Worcester, UK recently published an article about men's suicide for the Australian Psychology Society. Titled 'Insights into men's suicide' the article covers such ranging issues as reasons for gender disparity, correlates of suicide in men (eg relationship breakdown and alcohol use) and treatment and prevention. The conclusion of the article quotes Dr John Ashfield (Director, AIMHS) to make reference to necessary contributing factors when attempting to understand suicide in men:

"The practice of blaming men for ‘holding in their emotions’ and ‘not seeking help’, and calls for changes to the traditional male role, sounds plausible but is, at best, lazy and simplistic. It is a view that conveniently avoids dealing with the more complex issues of male suicide, and is one that is ignorant of biology, and offensively dismissive of the lived reality of most men’s lives – what society expects of them, and what they must try to be to meet these expectations."

Men's Health Australia applauds the Australian Psychology Society for advocating a social determinants approach to men's suicide. The article can be found here.


Living Outback (new radio series on PBA FM and live streaming)

Rural and remote communities are at the centre of the mythology and cultural ethos of Australia. Most of us have indulged nostalgic and sentimental thoughts of the outback and life in the bush – helped along perhaps by a film we’ve seen. But the reality of life for many people in rural and remote Australia is quite another story – and one that needs to be told. The fifteen programs in the Living Outback series will draw out the reality of life in rural and remote communities, in order to highlight their needs and struggles, but as well their successes and dogged determination to somehow shape a new way forward – a new future for themselves. 

Dr John Ashfield, Project Consultant


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EMALE Issue 112 (July 2012)

In this month's issue:

new report shows gaps in male health policy

NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN - emale readers ticket offer

Men’s Health Week 2012 a huge success

PM’s partner promotes men’s health

Grants to study Māori men’s health & child rearing

Current Training Programs

  • Effective Ways of Engaging Men
  • Effective Men’s Health Promotion

positive news in cancer survival rates in NSW

news briefs

  • Male Health Victoria Strategic Plan Released
  • Men’s health issues to take centre stage in Dubai
  • Aussies and Kiwis top users of recreational drugs
  • Dad's got a baby bump

13 reasons it’s unlucky to be a man (UK)

When your life is committed to helping the world work for everyone – men and boys included – it’s easy to forget that most people don’t see the inequality and discrimination that men and boys face on a daily basis.

So to help us spread the word about the desperate need to help men and boys live longer, happier, healthier lives we are developing a list of  THE THIRTEEN WAYS THE WORLD DOESN’T WORK FOR MEN AND BOYS. We welcome your feedback on the first draft of this document which we will be developing over the coming weeks and months.

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