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Essentially Men 2013 Calendar of Workshops and Events (NZ)

Get more out of life
Whether your life is working well or you have some things to sort out, you will find that attending an Essentially Men workshop will provide you with powerful resources for your journey of personal discovery and growth.

Renewal, change, understanding…freedom
Thousands of men from all over New Zealand and all walks of life have found this outstanding programme a powerful catalyst for renewal and change. So will you. You will build trust and feel safe. You will get a deeper understanding of yourself and will leave with the freedom to be the authentic you.


These are not just talking workshops – they are potent experiences that will wake you up, give you skills, and change your life.

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13 Reasons it is Unlucky to be Male

An abridged version of this article appeared as an op-ed in the Newcastle Herald on November 17, 2012.

November 19 is International Men’s Day: a time to promote male role models; to celebrate men’s contributions to society; to focus on men’s health and wellbeing; to highlight discrimination against males; and to improve gender relations and promote gender equality.

As someone who wants both my son and my daughter to flourish across all areas of life, I am frequently reminded that our society and media do a particularly poor job of highlighting and addressing areas in which males face disadvantage. Thankfully we have women’s offices, ministries and NGOs working tirelessly to improve the areas in which women still fare poorly. This is not the case for men.

We seem to have a cultural blind spot around men and gender politics. When a man has a problem, it is frequently seen as his own fault, whereas women’s problems are more often attributed to others or to society. For example, we hear that men are to blame for their own poor health (“men don’t go to the doctor”), whereas young women’s high levels of eating disorders are blamed upon the cultural pressure to be thin.

The portrayals of men in modern day media are often negative – as violent murderers, wife bashers, sexual abusers, deadbeat dads, and bumbling idiots – even though, in reality, only a small proportion of men act out these roles and behaviours. This compounds the lack of compassion for men’s issues.

Our society often assumes that ‘men have it good’ and only women carry the burden of gender-based disadvantage. The evidence strongly contradicts this. Here are 13 areas in which men and boys need our help. I would ask that you picture an important male in your life as you read them – be it your son, brother, husband, best mate or father. Many thanks to Glen Poole from the Men’s Network in England for the idea for this article.

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Men in Bali retreats – A Man’s Journey and The Elders Way 2012

We encourage you to consider the advantages of men joining us in Bali in November/December this year for the Men in Bali retreats – A Man’s Journey and The Elders Way:

First, this will be the last year we can run the 8 day retreats at current prices.  So $1700 (plus your fare and incidentals) is the best value in town for an 8 day retreat for a small group of men who are enthusiastic for their personal development.

Second, air fares are cheap right now.  By committing early you have the chance to get a great return fare.  Talk to us before you book to make sure you fit well into our free transfer to Ubud, but we encourage you to take advantage of these fares.

Third, we feel these retreats will fill quickly this year.  There seems to be an increased interest in men to enhance their wellbeing, relationships and opportunities for fulfilled lives.

If the retreats interest you at this time for yourself or someone you know, read more:

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International Men's Day 2012 Theme Announced



In the run up to International Men's Day 2012 (Monday 19th November) we're asking supporters of the day to focus on five key challenges that will help us improve the health and wellbeing of men and boys all over the world.

Some of the universal health issues that men and boys in all countries around the globe face include lower life expectancy, difficulty accessing mental health services, educational disadvantages, lack of male role models and tolerance of violence against men and boys.

To help us focus our collective minds upon helping men and boys live longer, happier, healthier lives, the five key challenges that the International Men's Day team is inviting men and women all over the world to address are:

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Fathers4Justice UK Launch Father's Day Olympic Ad in Times Newspaper

This advertisement appeared on page 37 of the Times Newspaper. Today Fathers4Justice are holding a Father's Day Service at Trafalgar Square to protest against the secret British family courts that routinely separate children from good loving fathers.

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