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Living Outback (new radio series on PBA FM and live streaming)

Rural and remote communities are at the centre of the mythology and cultural ethos of Australia. Most of us have indulged nostalgic and sentimental thoughts of the outback and life in the bush – helped along perhaps by a film we’ve seen. But the reality of life for many people in rural and remote Australia is quite another story – and one that needs to be told. The fifteen programs in the Living Outback series will draw out the reality of life in rural and remote communities, in order to highlight their needs and struggles, but as well their successes and dogged determination to somehow shape a new way forward – a new future for themselves. 

Dr John Ashfield, Project Consultant


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The Middle Men (UK TV Documentary)


The Middle Men

Wednesday 30 May, 10:00pm

The concept of ‘middle age’ is changing as recent generations are living longer and healthier lives. Men in the 21st Century are entering their ‘second adulthoods’ in radically different ways than their fathers. Yet new social changes – feminism, an uncertain economy, and a reported sense of ‘confusion’ among men and their roles in today’s society – mean new challenges.

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