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2013 Menslink Business Breakfast | National Press Club


Tuesday 24 September 2013
7.00am for a 7:30am start - 9.30am
National Press Club of Australia
$70.00 per person

The Menslink Business Breakfast is a great opportunity for leading Canberrans to show their support for a truly local charity and a great cause. Now in its seventh year, the breakfast is an ideal networking event for anyone interested in supporting young men across our region.

Over the past eleven years, Menslink has supported over a thousand young men through their adolescence to become contributing, productive members of society. Yet the statistics are still stacked against young men and we need your assistance to help turn them around. Young men are overwhelmingly represented in adverse violence, crime, school and university retention rates, while suicide remains the leading cause of death among young males aged from 15 right through to 45.

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He'll Be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men – MHV’s first regional PD and community tour (Victoria)


Immediately following the Victorian Male Health Gathering, keynote speaker Celia Lashlie embarks on a speaking tour to seven locations across Victoria.  She will present her observations arising from The Good Man Project, in which she visited 25 New Zealand boys’ secondary schools to examine how best adults in all capacities can help teenage boys have the best chance of becoming great men, husbands/partners, fathers, community members, etc.

These events will be free of charge or a small charge might apply in some venues.  In six locations Celia will present a Professional Development session for teachers, youth workers, police youth officers, etc. in the late afternoon.  In the evening she will address parents and anyone at all who is concerned with adolescent boy development and/or may have missed the PD session in the afternoon.  In Mornington there is only the one general session at 6.00 pm.

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Community Rites of Passage – Becoming Men Program (Tas)

It takes an extended raise teenagers.  There are regular camps for boys 13-15 years. This is a structured programme with a separation from mother, family and friends; a challenge that each boy is given; and a celebratory return to family and friends. It is a critical part of a young person’s life and helps them develop as individuals. The father or a mentor attends the camp with the boy, and the mother attends the departure and return ceremonies on Bruny Island. This — and much more —is all explained in the information session.  Mothers play a critical role at the start and finish of the 4 days. Boys develop a stronger relationship with their father, an increased respect for women, are more motivated to set goals and finish school, and generally demonstrate improved communication and social skills.

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Essentially Men workshop for men leading, supporting, managing or counselling other men

Essentially Men is offering a unique workshop to recharge and upskill men who are working with men or youth as leaders. This is a special edition of the powerful experiential Essentially Men training programme presented especially for facilitators, counsellors, therapists, doctors, support workers, social workers, teachers, trainers, group leaders & organisational managers.

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