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Male Studies Symposium, Adelaide, June 24th 2011

The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies will host its first Male Studies Symposium in Adelaide, June 24th 2011, 9.30 am – 4 pm, at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Theme: ‘From Boyhood to Manhood: Difficulties & Challenges of Transition’. Speakers include Professor Miles Groth PhD, Department of Psychology, Wagner College, Staten Island, New York; Professor Jon Jureidini MB, BS, FRANZCP, PhD, Child Psychiatrist; and Celia Lashlie, Anthropologist and author of “He'll be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men”. Places will be limited, so register early.


Community Rites of Passage – Becoming Men Program (Tas)

It takes an extended raise teenagers.  There are regular camps for boys 13-15 years. This is a structured programme with a separation from mother, family and friends; a challenge that each boy is given; and a celebratory return to family and friends. It is a critical part of a young person’s life and helps them develop as individuals. The father or a mentor attends the camp with the boy, and the mother attends the departure and return ceremonies on Bruny Island. This — and much more —is all explained in the information session.  Mothers play a critical role at the start and finish of the 4 days. Boys develop a stronger relationship with their father, an increased respect for women, are more motivated to set goals and finish school, and generally demonstrate improved communication and social skills.

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Finding Your Wisdom

"Finding Your Wisdom" is a carefully crafted program that considers a man's journey from birth, to the present and into the future. Enjoy an opportunity to acknowledge and embrace the special, sacred role of the Elder within this unique and intense 3½ day exploration.

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Heart & Hara - A Rite of Passage for Men

Gary Simpson, Wolfgang Waller & Ned Bryant invite you to the September 4th, 5th & 6th  Heart and Hara Weekend. The Warrior and the Lover are the 2 core Archetypes, in our culture unfortunately they are more recognised by their Shadow sides, the Bully, the Critic, the Pleaser and the Addict, etc, than their true power. We offer an opportunity to join these 3 remarkable men to honour and discover the true essence of what it means to be a Man in today’s society. These highly experienced men have created a unique and truly inspiring Rite of Passage program, utilizing their amazing gifts of insight and combing elements you may anticipate and many you could not imagine.

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5th biennial Working With Boys, Building Fine Men conference: Stories of Success

The conference was held in Newcastle on 4, 5 and 6 July 2007. Keynote speakers Melvyn Davies (UK), Michael Gurian (USA) and Australia's own Andrew Fuller captivated and enlightened everyone. The people who held seminars, workshops and break-out sessions were universally wonderful. And the boys who sang, danced and displayed their sporting prowess gave us all hope for the future. The conference webpage contains copies of the presentations, PowerPoints and movies shown at the conference.