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Booking open NOW for screenings of the Red Pill in Sydney, Maroochydore and Adelaide Hills. Perth and Melbourne to follow.

An impassioned plea from Bettina Arndt...

Ok, all you people who care about what is happening to men and boys in this country.

I’m spending many hours trying to organise screenings of The Red Pill – partly as a free speech issue and more importantly because I think the movie does an excellent job showing how rarely we properly address the problems in men’s lives. [It also covers the issue of male victims of family violence really well - ed.]


We have two Sydney bookings now on the Fan-Force sites. Please tell everyone you know who lives in Sydney to book in.


We have managed to get Palace cinemas to back down and agree to show the movie.

Please books tickets and get your friends to do likewise. PLEASE DO SO URGENTLY, AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!

We also have another screening booked in:

Wednesday the 10th of May at 6:30pm at Hoyts Cinemas Broadway, NSW. 

This is a bigger cinema and we need to sell 74 more tickets by April 27 for this one to happen.

Note we also have screenings booked in for on Fan-Force for Maroochydore Qld and Adelaide Hills SA – and really need booking to come in quickly for those.

See here… 

And also here…. 

If you have friends who live in these areas please alert them to these screenings and get them to book in fast!

Note - people need to book in using a credit card but will only be charged if the screenings go ahead.

In the next few days we will have screenings planned for other places like Perth and Melbourne. I will put links to all new venues on my website.

(Note – do have a look of my new website, which finally has all my men’s issues material prominently displayed – courtesy of the wonderful Scott Korman. He’s a great bloke who knows all about websites, IT, videos, podcasts etc. He happened to contact me to make a comment about the Red Pill and ended up spending a whole week helping with the website and is now working with me to help pull together the Fan-Force screenings.)

I am about to embark on a media blitz getting everyone I can think of to try to help me get the word out in the traditional media but you have to help with social media because that is not my thing.

Cheers, Tina


Mike Lew Australian 2013 workshops for male survivors of sexual abuse/assault

Events are in the planning stages for Mike's return to Australia in 2013. There will be two visits Down Under in 2013. The overall organiser for the March events is Donovan Pill. Anyone interested in sponsoring an event can contact him for information and scheduling. There will also be events in Broome, Western Australia the week of June 17th. Scroll down to June for those details.

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Fathers on the Move (Western Australia)

A toolbox approach to fatherhood in all its forms presented as a special weekend workshop for Fathers.

We invite you to explore your experiences of being a father, including:

  • your dad and how he has influenced your life.
  • you as a father and the feelings you carry around this.
  • your childrens experience of you.
  • an opportunity for you to provide great fathering to your children in the future.

This workshop allows 10 men to explore their life’s journey and how the various facets of fatherhood have led them to this point in their lives. The building of your ‘Father toolbox’ produces strong personal and relationship techniques and skills in a supportive group setting. The insight, healing and inspiration from this workshop can then be adapted to address your personal vision of the future and to remove barriers to achieving this.  

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Men on the Move retreat

There are just a couple of spots left for the Men on the Move retreat for men at Serpentine this coming weekend.

If this has interest for you, we invite you to join with the other men who also seek a greater understanding of themselves; want to improve their management of issues around relationships, parenting, families and maybe careers; are looking to improve their self-care around health and wellbeing; and want to learn more about how we function, maintain ourselves and strive for fulfilment in the 21st Century

We invite you to join us to explore processes that set up a toolbox of new skills to use in your special journey into the future:

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MensWork Project 2012 launch (Perth WA)

Dear friends and colleagues,

Unfortunately The MensWork Project team are postponing the launch event on the 16th of January.  For those who have accepted our invitation, thanks for the support and we will keep you posted on any future resurrection of the event. 

We believe this event is an important way to showcase our initiatives, and particularly to hear, via the forum section of the evening, feedback and other’s views on programs for men in WA.

Below is our program of events for 2012 to give you an overview of what we plan for this year.  If you would like full information on any of these events please get back to me or give me call.

In the meantime, for those with an interest in the Men in Bali retreats and would like to rub shoulders with us and previous participants in the retreats, there is a Breakfast at Peter Efford’s house, 2 Healey Place, Gooseberry Hill on Sunday the 22nd of January at 08.00 am.  RSVP is essential, so contact Peter on or 9293 2363 to secure a place.

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