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Men's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (NSW)

A Men's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service has commenced meetings in Sydney to discuss practical ways of dealing with AVO and ADVO proceedings.

The service was started by a well known, high profile Barrister Mr Mario Licha, who is an experienced criminal law barrister. The service is for AVO advice for men only. It was an idea of Barrister Mario's that has morphed into reality  to cater for a growing demand of additional information on what to do when the Police first contact men and remove them from their homes through application of interim ADVO and intervention orders.

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Men's Anger Management (Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury)

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury runs an 8 week Anger Management course for men. This program is for men (18 years and over) who are experiencing difficulties controlling their anger. Uncontrolled anger can lead to violent outbursts resulting in domestic violence, road rage, or loss of employment. The program helps men understand key issues about anger and control. The anger management classes are held for 8 consecutive sessions, once a week at our Gordon office. The next course commences Wed 23rd February 2011.


Think Twice! Counselling and Programs For Relationship Abuse Prevention and Recovery

If your relationship looks more like an unhealthy or even an abusive one, this is what Think Twice can offer you:
A respectful, nonjudgemental environment in which you can learn:

  • Why you keep doing the same old thing
  • How to stop the conflict merry-go-round and respond calmly, using the right words and behaviour to handle conflict situations
  • How to convert the anger of conflict to the energy of collaboration
  • Mutually respectful, clear, and effective communication skills
  • How to change the dynamics in your relationship
  • How to create a loving and satisfying relationship.

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