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Your Relationship with Your Mother: A SURVEY FOR MEN (for Maggie Dent)

Maggie Dent has started writing her next book – Mothering Sons. As part of her informal research for the book, she is very keen to hear from men 18+ about their relationships with their mothers.

The online survey will only take a few minutes and includes just three questions. Maggie would love to hear from all the blokes out there (and to all the women out there, she’d be very grateful if you’d please share this with the men in your life).

Every man who completes the survey will receive an electronic copy of her book, Black Duck Wisdom.

Click here to access the survey. 


Booking open NOW for screenings of the Red Pill in Sydney, Maroochydore and Adelaide Hills. Perth and Melbourne to follow.

An impassioned plea from Bettina Arndt...

Ok, all you people who care about what is happening to men and boys in this country.

I’m spending many hours trying to organise screenings of The Red Pill – partly as a free speech issue and more importantly because I think the movie does an excellent job showing how rarely we properly address the problems in men’s lives. [It also covers the issue of male victims of family violence really well - ed.]


We have two Sydney bookings now on the Fan-Force sites. Please tell everyone you know who lives in Sydney to book in.


We have managed to get Palace cinemas to back down and agree to show the movie.

Please books tickets and get your friends to do likewise. PLEASE DO SO URGENTLY, AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!

We also have another screening booked in:

Wednesday the 10th of May at 6:30pm at Hoyts Cinemas Broadway, NSW. 

This is a bigger cinema and we need to sell 74 more tickets by April 27 for this one to happen.

Note we also have screenings booked in for on Fan-Force for Maroochydore Qld and Adelaide Hills SA – and really need booking to come in quickly for those.

See here… 

And also here…. 

If you have friends who live in these areas please alert them to these screenings and get them to book in fast!

Note - people need to book in using a credit card but will only be charged if the screenings go ahead.

In the next few days we will have screenings planned for other places like Perth and Melbourne. I will put links to all new venues on my website.

(Note – do have a look of my new website, which finally has all my men’s issues material prominently displayed – courtesy of the wonderful Scott Korman. He’s a great bloke who knows all about websites, IT, videos, podcasts etc. He happened to contact me to make a comment about the Red Pill and ended up spending a whole week helping with the website and is now working with me to help pull together the Fan-Force screenings.)

I am about to embark on a media blitz getting everyone I can think of to try to help me get the word out in the traditional media but you have to help with social media because that is not my thing.

Cheers, Tina


Award-winning journalist looking to interview male victims of female-perpetrated sexual assault for story

We have been contacted by Ginger Gorman, an award-winning social justice journalist writing for

Ginger wrote to us to ask if we knew of anyone who might be interested in being interviewed by her for a story she's currently working on about women as perpetrators of sexual assault against men.

Are you in this group of men? Would you be willing to share your experience with Ginger? If yes, she would love to hear from you and possibly interview you for her story.

You can contact her at:



What do you think women’s genitals should look like?


What do men think women’s genitals should look like? Why should anyone care?

Because women are having pieces cut off their genitals to make them conform to an idealised standard that’s been likened to a Barbie doll: smooth, hairless, and barely visible.

Do you have preferences for “innies” or “outies”, hair or no hair, and do you tell your partner about your preferences? We would like to invite men (and women) to participate in a national survey about their attitudes to women’s genitals.

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In defence of the Modern [Aussie] Man

On International Men’s Day this year (November 19th), advertising and marketing company M&C Saatchi released a White Paper titled The Modern [Aussie] Man. The Paper was the result of eight months of one-to-one interviews with 140 men, primarily aged 27-55 years, from a broad cross section of Australian demographics, workforce and geography.

Seventy men were influential leaders, marketers and role models from business, sport, military, popular culture, hospitality, philanthropy, academia, men’s health and wellbeing, education, media, advertising and fashion. Seventy were everyday men from around Australia, including construction and white collared workers, sales assistants, baristas and bartenders.

To quote from the Paper,

“The Modern [Aussie] Man study is not, and was never intended to be, a definitive summation of Australian men’s character, anthropology and imperfections. Nor is it the creation of a new set of male archetypes. Its aim is to draw a line under historic truths and modern day perceptions, and help move society to a new place of heightened awareness and mutual respect.
“How? By discovering whether Australian masculinity behind-the-scenes differs from the stereotypes of sporty, resilient, self-mocking, laid-back, unromantic and outdoorsy. Are Australian men making progress in the development of gender parity sensibilities, while retaining strong, positive manliness? Are the majority sexist dinosaurs? Or have they succumbed to female will and turned into emasculated wimps?
“This study investigates what is going on in a significant sample of Australian men’s heads, to contribute to the wider discussion about how both genders can create a world where there is mutual equality and respect.”

The Paper generated a great deal of discussion in the mainstream media and blogosphere - both positive and negative. 

The Equality4Men blog by England’s Glen Poole contained a great article titled Men are too scared to talk about gender issues says Advertising giant… and the Herald’s Sam de Brito wrote a balanced op-ed titled Ladies, why so serious? The report also received good coverage by SBS,, The Good Men Project, Channel 9 News, the Daily Telegraph, and the Financial Review.

Three very hostile attacks were found in the Fairfax ‘Daily Life’ blog, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian. In defence of the Modern [Aussie] Man, the major myths created by these attacks need to be dispelled.

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