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Men's Fire Circle - All ages welcome, boys to men (Newcastle, NSW)

The 'Fire Circle' offers men an opportunity to gather together in a deep, authentic and truthful way. It's an opportunity for each man to feel the importance of learning to honour his own capacity to become more present, sit deeper within his truth, connect to his heart, offer his wisdom, and feel his connection to mother earth.

The Fire Circle is also a place where men of all ages are brought together. The purpose of this is to support the older men to continue being valuable in the community, and to offer younger men, teenagers and boys a place where they can feel accepted for who they are, and learn from the life experience and collective wisdom of their elders.

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The Journey of the Masculine - Men coming together to explore their masculinity (Newcastle, NSW)

How are men prepared for the challenges they will face throughout their lives?

Men need purposeful, truthful and resourceful time with a male community that offers them the opportunity to experience personal challenge, accountability, brotherhood, leadership and the opportunity to learn about their masculinity, relationships, emotional intimacy, career, money and overcoming limitations. These gatherings are also an opportunity to receive important teachings about men's rites of passage that offer guidance into their masculine potential.

Contact: Phil 0413 401 533

Time: 6.30- 9.30pm

Location: Waratah, Newcastle, NSW

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Meeting Men: Male Intimacy and College Men Centers. By Miles Groth

Given the ongoing trend of declining enrollments of males in college (currently at 40%), it is essential for educators and parents to understand its causes. As the issue becomes better understood, in the meantime the important part played by men's groups on college and university campuses to support young males has become evident. The functions of such groups are varied, but their basic value is to provide a safe space for an experience of genuine intimacy with other males.

From New Male Studies: An International Journal - Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2012, pp. 83-93.

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Essentially Men 2013 Calendar of Workshops and Events (NZ)

Get more out of life
Whether your life is working well or you have some things to sort out, you will find that attending an Essentially Men workshop will provide you with powerful resources for your journey of personal discovery and growth.

Renewal, change, understanding…freedom
Thousands of men from all over New Zealand and all walks of life have found this outstanding programme a powerful catalyst for renewal and change. So will you. You will build trust and feel safe. You will get a deeper understanding of yourself and will leave with the freedom to be the authentic you.


These are not just talking workshops – they are potent experiences that will wake you up, give you skills, and change your life.

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Men in search of their spirit

Tim Bidstrup joined wellbeing tourism operator Journeys of the Spirit to discover a treasured and extraordinary part of this world: Bhutan

“At that point in my life I was learning about Buddhism. I was starting to gain knowledge about it and it was something that really clicked with me. The thought of going to a Buddhist nation and to see Buddhism in practice for me was a really strong draw card.”

“I rediscovered how much I enjoyed making people laugh, how I still withhold the inquisitive spirit of a child, how I can be carefree, fun and not curve myself for the judgment of other people. But most of all, I learnt that I have a strong ability of being a natural leader.”

A few months after this journey, Tim began working with the ManKind Project. He had a huge desire to share his experiences and what he rediscovered of himself. He was also aware there are many things he still wanted to learn about what it meant to be a man of his generation. 

“The greatest thing of what the ManKind Project does, is it teaches you what it means to be a man. It isn’t all about hugging, crying and being soft in that way because there are reasons why men are men and why they differ from women. There are also things such as integrity, authenticity and accountability. They are part of the big reasons why men feel unhappy because they don’t feel like they’re living in integrity. It is really interesting to see how men react when they are held accountable to grow and blossom and suddenly develop confidence in themselves. So it’s really powerful in that way too.”

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