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New Male National Male Health Conference

Don’t miss out on the early bird rate, ends February 10

Male Suicide tops the agenda at 


Present Challenges and Future Solutions

Thursday March 2 & Friday March 3, 2017

Holiday Inn Hotel, 18 – 40 Anderson Street, Parramatta


only $100 for Conference Participants

The unacceptably high rate of male suicide in Australia will be one of the key issues discussed at a national men’s health conference to be held in Sydney in three weeks time.

With male suicide now claiming six lives a day and costing the economy an estimated $13.75B a year, some of the country’s leading voices in the fight against suicide will come together to discuss what action we can take to prevent male suicide in Australia.

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A Single Father's Story of Alienation

Up until March 27th 2011, I shared a wonderful strong and happy bond with my then 7 year old boy, since the day he was born.

I was never married to his mother, I am 9 years younger than her and our relationship ended prior to her pregnancy.

Without moving into too much detail, the mother and I had a telephone dispute over horseplay games my son and I played. In particular, our routine little wrestling games on the bed each morning and night.

On March after drop off she called me to say there were bite marks on my son's arm. She was yelling, I was a little confused, but narrowed it down to perhaps part of our game where he and I would see how long we could hold. I tried to calm her down, instead she said she was taking photos and said that 'this was abuse'.

This became a screaming match as I would never, ever do anything to harm my son. The last time I saw him, he was singing in the car and said, "I love you Dad".

Even that night in question, "He did not complain to his mother of anything". But, the worst when she began yelling on the phone in his presence and from there on, she was about to emotionally and psychologically abuse my son forever...

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Your help needed: crowdfunding to save lives

A suicide can leave an empty space that hurts a family for generations, in addition to the tragedy of the life lost. But there are actions we can take to reduce suicide and you can help put them into action.

The Australian Men’s Health Forum is preparing an advisory paper on preventing male suicide (four out of five suicides are by males). The advisory paper will be a practical, hands-on help to friends, family and work colleagues who think someone may be at risk.

AMHF needs to raise $8,000 for the preparation and distribution of the paper and will run a crowd funding campaign on launching June 13th, 2016, which is the start of Men’s Health Week.

Will you help by:

· Forwarding this web page (or a summary of it) to all your members and supporters,

· Asking them to forward it to all their friends and

· Making a small donation to the campaign?

You can find out more at the campaign’s Facebook page,

You can also check out the crowdfunding page at

For more information you can contact Gary Bryant, Executive Office, Australian Men’s Health Forum on 0414 950 902 or


Male Health in Australia - A call for action

Despite three decades of adverse statistics, male health policy or rather the lack of it, continues to fail the Australian male

Research continues to demonstrate a disproportionate gender differential in death and illness for males in Australia

The National Male Health Policy (NMHP) released in 2010 lacks endorsement, an action plan or adequate funding by the current Federal Government

The Australian Men’s Health Forum (AMHF) has produced Male Health in Australia A call for action.  Click here to read the eight page paper.

To read a one page summary click here.

The paper is the basis for the call for action that AMHF is making to the political parties.  Click here to read What’s Next?

AMHF has also produced a PowerPoint presentation.  Click here for a copy.

Everyone is encouraged to use these resources during and beyond Men’s Health Week.

AMHF is the peak national forum promoting a social approach to male health and wellbeing.

P: 0414 950 902.


Preventing Male Suicide - Become Part of the Solution

Suicide is the number one killer of men under 44 years of age. 

It is not just an issue for health and mental health services, but one that must be owned by our community. 
We need to do more than merely talk about it. Each of us can play an important role in suicide prevention. 

This booklet has been compiled to provide easy to read accurate information for communities, employers, and the broad range of organisations and professionals concerned about male suicide.

Why not plan to put one of these into the hands of every person in your community or organisation?

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