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EMALE Issue 126 (September 2013)

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Reflections on Fathers Day by Andrew King

Daddy issues: Collective blind spot on parental leave pay

Prostate Cancer new report on the next generation

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2013 Ten to Men Annual Workshop

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  • “21st Century Man: The Way Forward”
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Daddy issues: Collective blind spot on parental leave pay is the mother of all slights


Stay-at-home dads are a growing legion. Photo: Getty Images

Stay-at-home dads aren't really a mystery. They're not wrapped in riddles. They shouldn't be an enigma. They are, in fact, legion. A small, undermanned legion, to be sure, but growing in strength each year. If a modern mystery attends the dad who turns his back on full-time paid work for full-time baby wrangling, it's his complete absence from this week's election barney over paid parental leave.

Noted tax-and-spend socialist Tony Abbott proposes to rake billions of dollars from big business to pay for every Australian mum to stay home on full pay for six months after dropping her bundle.

Meanwhile, the tight-fisted scrooges of the ALP would condemn the nation's lactating heroines to struggling along on a miserly welfare scheme of such wretched parsimony that it must surely scare thousands of young couples into never having sex again.

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Dads and partners now have legal right to ask for time off work when a new baby arrives - Australian Council of Trade Unions

Father baby 250x173

Dads will no longer have to justify asking for time off work when their new baby arrives, thanks to new laws that ensure they have the right to access paid parental leave.

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said unions had campaigned for paid parental leave for both parents for more than 30 years.

“Unions welcome the expansion of the Government’s paid parental leave scheme to include the right for dads and partners to spend time with their family after the birth of their child,” Mr Oliver said.

“All parents have a right to spend time together with their new baby and there is no reason why work should prevent them from doing so.

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European Parliament welcomes newly founded Platform for European Fathers (PEF)

The founding of the Platform for European Fathers (PEF) was welcomed at the ‘European fathers’ congress’ in the European Parliament that was organised by the Greens/EFA on June 28, 2011 in support of paternity leave.

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Budget 2011: Paternity leave rollout to be delayed until 2013

Some Australian fathers will be robbed of two weeks paid leave after the Government delayed the rollout of paternity leave by six months.

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