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Male Health Victoria Strategic Plan Released

On the 8th June 2012, at the offices of Southern Health, Rob Koch launched the first Strategic Plan of Male Health Victoria.

This document aims to introduce Male Health Victoria Inc (MHV) to the State Government, to various sectors including Health, Education, Community Services, Business, Industrial, Corporate, Sporting, and to the wider Victorian community.

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Men at Work: what they want any why it matters for women

More than 150 people attended the launch in Melbourne last night of Men at Work: what they want any why it matters for women, The 100% Project’s latest research report.

Many of our Champions were in the audience to hear Sue Conde, Catherine Fox, Bob Wood and Richard Umbers talk about the research in a panel discussion led by Dr Barbara West, a 100% Project Board member.

Australia Post generously sponsored the event and, thanks to PwC, who videoed the discussion, you will soon be able to see excerpts on our website. Master Photographer David Israel’s pictures from the event will also be posted soon.

In the meantime you can read a two page summary of the event or the full research report on our website 

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Report about the Western Sydney Men and Family Relationship Network’s Father Inclusive Practice Workshops and Forum

At the end of 2010, the Western Sydney Men and Family Relationship Network commissioned Andrew King (Groupwork Solutions) to facilitate a series of workshops on Father Inclusive Practice.

The initial plan to conduct a father Inclusive Practice process only had four organisations nominated seven people to attend. This was considered to be an insufficient response. A new plan was developed where Andrew King facilitated a series of workshops:

  • Engaging men in family based programs Workshop – 5th April 2011
  • Working with men's responses to conflict Workshop – 18th April 2011
  • Father Inclusive Practice Forum – 28th June 2011.

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Fathers left alone can spread load of parenting

There's a lot to be said for leaving men holding the baby. Our analysis of gender roles in parenting and work found that little has changed for Australian women since they began moving into the workforce in large numbers half a century ago. Whatever paid work mothers of young children do, they still shoulder most of the housework and spend more than twice as much time with their children than fathers, despite the best efforts of many couples to share the load (and the joy) more equally.

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The State of Boys in America: A Briefing on the Latest Research Findings and What They Mean for America in an Increasingly Competitive World (USA)

The world of work for men is changing rapidly, and men are not adapting easily or readily to this new world. A growing share of men is not adapting at all, and as a result their lives are falling apart. This new world of work requires substantial amounts of postsecondary education and training. The old world of work did not require education beyond high school, but these old jobs have been disappearing steadily and continuously at least since World War II. This failure to adapt has measurable consequences for personal, family and civic life as well as the American economy.

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