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Moral Panic: Male Studies and the Spectre of Denial. By Robert Kenedy

The absence of male studies programs in Canada is both a result of and clear evidence that political correctness along with moral panic and gender feminism or third wave feminism have a grip on academe, creating an adversarial schism. Over the last three decades, this has marginalized a more inclusive, multi‐perspective “male studies” discipline to the periphery of academe. It has resulted in mainly feminist and pro‐feminist men’s studies programs and research that focus on men as primarily being violent victimizers, as well as secondary and disengaged parents. Male studies programs and a journal are necessary to reveal the “lived male experience.”

From New Male Studies: An International Journal - Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2012, pp. 52-60.

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Towards an Integrated Perspective on Gender, Masculinity and Manhood by John Ashfield

For decades our understanding of gender, masculinity, and manhood has arguably been bedevilled by uninformative pseudo-academic gender ideology. Detached from biological reality, and crediting culture with almost autonomous causation, this ideology of gender feminist social constructionism has exhibited a dogged self-preserving reflex of disconfirmation, whenever faced with knowledge challenging its dogmatic assertions. Its unashamed devaluation of thought, through resort to propagandist mantras of global male aspersion and political correctness, underscores not only its fundamentalist nature—disqualifying it from any serious consideration as a basis for understanding gender and social relations, but also the urgent need for a perspective, unfettered by ideology, that reflects current interdisciplinary knowledge, and is actually useful.

From New Male Studies: An International Journal - Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2012, pp. 19-30.

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Male, presumed dangerous


Battling stereotypes … preschool worker Craig d'Arcy has set up the Males in Early Childhood Network Group. Photo: Greg Mace

As a young man eager to get into a boom industry with a robust future, Craig d'Arcy spent several years as the only male studying childcare alongside more than 100 women at TAFE and university in Newcastle.

Early in his career, his childcare centre boss told him parents had highlighted in yellow on their child's enrolment form they wanted no male worker to go near their offspring. Two decades on, as founder of the national Males in Early Childhood Network Group, d'Arcy has heard about centres that ban men from changing nappies and is used to people thinking those who want to work with the young are either gay or have evil intent.

So he easily recognised the vein of fear about male contact with children that popped up when two men went public recently about their embarrassment over airline staff moving them away from unaccompanied minors.

"The stereotype is that men are predators who are looking for opportunities to abuse young children," says d'Arcy, who is co-ordinator of a Mullumbimby preschool and has six children of his own. "There seems to be that automatic assumption."

Most of the 2900 men who make their living caring for under-fives butt up against these assumptions regularly in a way that their 100,000-plus female counterparts do not, he says.

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Doctor Greg Canning quits James Cook University teaching post over feminist colleague Betty McLellan's 'sexual vilification' of men


BATTLE OF THE SEXES: James Cook Univerity's Adjunct Associate Professor Betty McLellan and Dr Greg Canning. Source: Townsville Bulletin

JAMES Cook University is embroiled in an ugly battle of the sexes which has resulted in one academic resigning in protest at the lack of discipline of his "extreme" feminist colleague.

JCU School of Medicine adjunct senior lecturer Dr Greg Canning has quit his teaching job of 10 years, claiming the university failed to caution Adjuct Associate Professor Betty McLellan, who he has accused of publicly practicing sexual vilification.

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Out of touch school pushes PC line

If you ever doubted our sex-saturated culture was pathologising childhood, this story will send shivers up your spine. Two 13-year old and one 14-year-old boys - handsome football stars of Year 8 - have been expelled from a Sydney Catholic school after a female classmate complained they had touched her fully clothed breast three months earlier. The boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted to touching the 13-year-old girl during an English class, but said it was consensual, "and she had no problem with it", said the mother of one of the boys. A teacher was present in the classroom at the time and the girl did not complain or appear distressed. But three months later, the girl told a teacher and the official sexual harassment machinery swung into action.