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Fathers’ experiences of fatigue and its consequences when parenting 1 to 4 year olds

We would like to invite you to take part in a research project about the experience of fatigue, parenting and partner relationship satisfaction in fathers of young children aged 1-4 years. This research is being conducted by Kate Potter, as part of a Master of Psychology programme, under the supervision of Dr Angela Gent of the University of Ballarat.

The following information will help you to decide if you would like to participate.

Purpose of this project:

Parenting a young child or children can be very rewarding, however, it can also be challenging at times. Research tells us fathers have a key role to play in the healthy development of their children and, as such, their wellbeing and beliefs about their parenting are important. However, there has been very little research into fathers’ experiences of fatigue, and how this may impact on their relationship with their partner and their thoughts about parenting.

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Why boys need a boyhood to become good men |


Boys struggling to find their self-worth ... Photo: Getty Images

Given the current deep community outpourings of concern for the senseless violence present on Australian streets at night, the disturbing numbers of little boys being suspended and expelled from our schools, and the decreasing numbers of young men attending and graduating university, something is going wrong in the world of our boys.

I lay blame on society, which seems to have stolen boyhood in the name of a sanitised, politically correct, gender neutral, bland childhood.

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New online ‘Dads Guide to Pregnancy’ covers what men want to know

Raising Children Network ( surveyed expectant dads and dads with children from birth to three years of age about the information they want when their partners are pregnant and they’re about to become a dad. They found unique insights that informed a new free online Dads Guide to Pregnancy looking at what dads and their partners might be going through during each stage of pregnancy.

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Powerhouse Programs - Because Growing Up is Optional

Powerhouse Programs is the creation of Stephen Halsall and Andy Roy. Both Stephen and Andy have been heavily involved in working with men and boys through well-respected national community development organisations. Their lives and relationships have become richer for these endeavours and they take great joy in sharing this with others.

In doing this work in the community it became very clear to them that there was significantly more they could to do to bring this powerful work into the lives of a larger proportion of our society.

Stephen and Andy met in 2003 where as chance would have it, they both attended their first men only weekend in the Gold Coast Hinterland. From that fateful encounter they have become close friends and work colleagues through facilitating programs like Common Ground (a 9-week life skills course for men program), Pathways to Manhood (a week-long contemporary Rite-of-Passage for men and boys), on various organising committees for Men’s Gatherings and executive committees. In 2009 they jointly developed a Men’s Rite of Passage program which was gifted to Men’s Wellbeing Association. (

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Paternal influence crucial to the success of children: report


Building social skills: Cameron McKay enjoys a romp with his three-year-old twins Thomas and Madison. Photo: James Alcock

Children with involved fathers have better social skills, more successful relationships, stronger self esteem, more self-control and higher grades than those who do not.

They are also less likely to be overweight, suspended from school or bully, take drugs, engage in risky sexual behaviour or crime.

As fathers take a more active role in parenting there is growing evidence of the benefits to children, a report from the University of Western Australia's fathering project shows.

The report, How fathers and father figures can shape child health and wellbeing, has reviewed all the research published in the past decade on the influence of fathers.

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