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New Male Studies: An International Journal

New Male Studies: An International Journal (NMS) is an open access online interdisciplinary forum for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men worldwide.


In response to a now well-documented decline in the overall well-being of males in postmodern culture, a group of Australian, Canadian, European and American scholars have gathered to work together to publish research essays, opinion pieces, and book reviews on all aspects of the male experience.

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Transitions - From Boyhood to Manhood (Podcast)

Frequently in Learning Works, we have looked at men’s health and wellbeing, and also at older men’s learning and the involvement of men around Australia in the Men’s Shed movement. But what about our boys – how are they faring in the 21st century? The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies believes that, as a society, we are somewhat reticent in affirming very much that is good about boys, especially in their often difficult and lonely transition from boyhood to manhood. Sadly, they say, our understanding of boys (and males in general) has been informed more by stereotypes than evidence. And this is not without consequences for young males, whose behaviours, and often too mental health issues, are observed with concern by members of the medical profession and of course by parents, and educators alike.

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Stay-at-home husbands more likely to divorce: study (Canada)

Endless laundry, diaper changes, toddler tantrums, meal prep.

Stay-at-home moms may wish their husbands could walk a mile in their shoes. But if domestic harmony is the goal, dads may be better off at the office, according to a study published in the American Journal of Sociology.

For men, it seems, lack of paid work is an even greater predictor of divorce than marital unhappiness.

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The State of Boys in America: A Briefing on the Latest Research Findings and What They Mean for America in an Increasingly Competitive World (USA)

The world of work for men is changing rapidly, and men are not adapting easily or readily to this new world. A growing share of men is not adapting at all, and as a result their lives are falling apart. This new world of work requires substantial amounts of postsecondary education and training. The old world of work did not require education beyond high school, but these old jobs have been disappearing steadily and continuously at least since World War II. This failure to adapt has measurable consequences for personal, family and civic life as well as the American economy.

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The Boys Initiative (USA)

The Boys Initiative is a groundbreaking national campaign to shed light on alarming trends in recent years pertaining to boys’ health and well-being. The spark for the initiative was the now well documented decline in boys’ educational performance over the past two decades. This is part of a disturbing trend of boys decline in other areas impacting physical and emotional health, performance, accomplishment and social adaptation. These trends are approaching crisis proportions.