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Preventing Male Suicide - Become Part of the Solution

Suicide is the number one killer of men under 44 years of age. 

It is not just an issue for health and mental health services, but one that must be owned by our community. 
We need to do more than merely talk about it. Each of us can play an important role in suicide prevention. 

This booklet has been compiled to provide easy to read accurate information for communities, employers, and the broad range of organisations and professionals concerned about male suicide.

Why not plan to put one of these into the hands of every person in your community or organisation?

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Men, Unemployment and Suicide 2015

The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies together with the Men's Health Information and Resource Centre at the University of Western Sydney have put together a fact sheet titled Men, Unemployment and Suicide 2015. It contains key points as guidelines for appropriate research and program design pertaining to suicide prevention for men.

Recent international research provides a serious challenge to the general approach to suicide research and prevention, particularly as it applies to men. Current policy and practice are not only unhelpful to many men, but may actually compound the difficulties that men face. Unemployment is a recognised factor in a large percentage of all suicides.


AIMHS Health Promotion Kits

Do you want to get serious about promoting male health?

AIMHS has just produced a complete male health promotion kit - the first of its kind in Australia.

The kit consists of a mobile stand of 40 high quality full colour brochures, covering topics on health, relationships, and mental health.

The kit also includes 8 full colour posters printed on rigid and durable plastic corflute, with positive messages for men. These posters are light enough to stick to a wall, and rigid enough to stand on their own for a range of applications.

This is the only set of resources specifically for male health promotion of its kind in Australia.

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The Blokes' Book

The Blokes' Book is a directory of services available to men across a broad range of health and wellbeing areas including crisis services, relationships, fathering, eating right, being active, weight control, alcohol and drug use, preventable diseases, suicide prevention, legal and financial support, etc. It also encourages men to be proactive in taking control over their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Download Ver 1.0 here as pdf (2Mb)

10,000 hard copies are also being distributed throughout Perth and regional WA during June 2012. 

If you would like to have hard copies sent to you, you can request these via

The Blokes' Book is produced by the Men's Advisory Network (MAN) Inc and funded by the WA Department of Health.


High level of premature illness and death amongst men is preventable, concludes report (Europe)

The Men's Health Report published today by the European Commission highlights the state of men's health in Europe as a serious public health concern. Patterns emerging from data taken from 34 European countries* show marked differences in health outcomes amongst men both between and within countries. Poor lifestyles and preventable risk factors account for a high share of premature death and illness in men, illustrating that their health disadvantage is not necessarily written in the genes but can be remedied in part by targeted policies and actions.

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