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St. Francis House: Mentoring Young Men in a Fatherless Society. By Joseph Campo

The centrality of a father or male mentor in the life of a young man is discussed by the director of St. Francis House, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York. A brief description of this home for boys 18 years and older who have come from extremely difficult situations is followed by reflections on the importance of men’s personal commitment to boys, in particular the combination of a male model for young men’s spiritual life.

From New Male Studies: An International Journal - Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2013, pp. 72-77.

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Matters for Men - new revised edition

New revised edition available now with topics on physical health, fathering and mentoring, mental health, relationships and assorted men's issues. 195 pages of practical information and advice for men on over 80 different topics. A unique resource for men's health promotion and distribution in men's workplaces. No other book like it is currently available. An invaluable reference for health workers and practitioners who want a basic understanding of men's health and men's issues, and what "makes men tick".


He'll Be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys Into Good Men, by Celia Lashlie, 2005

This book is a refreshingly male-positive un-PC look at the "boy crisis". Here's a blurb and a few quotes to give you an idea of the book's tone and subject matter.

In September 2004, Celia Lashlie completed the Good Man Project. The project, which facilitated discussion within and between 25 boys' schools throughout New Zealand, aimed to create a working definition of what makes a good man in the 21st century. What arose from the project was a significant insight into the minds of teenage boys, and what they are feeling at this period in their lives.

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