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Men’s Health Toolkit booklet

Foundation 49 provides a 38 page colour A5 booklet covering a range of men’s health topics in everyday language.

From 1 November 2013 the Men’s Health Toolkit will be available free of charge to individuals and ‘Not For Profit’ organisations (we regret we cannot provide more than 50 copies).

We would appreciate if your organization would consider making a donation to help us publish our excellent magazine and Men’s Health Tool Kit, as F49 is a charity dependent on donations to cover publishing costs.

You can ORDER copies of the Tool Kit for postage in Australia here.


A Guide to Prostate Cancer and Intimacy

Prostate Cancer and Intimacy: Your Guide to a New Sexual Normal

Returning to sex after prostate cancer can be difficult. Following surgery and radiation treatments, many men experience declines in their sexual function, including impotency and lowered libido. Depending on factors such as age, erectile function before treatment, the type of treatment chosen and the extent of the cancer, the odds of returning to a "normal" sex life are 10 percent to upwards of 70 percent. However, this doesn't mean your sex life is gone — it's just different.

By reading this guide you're taking the first step toward regaining a healthy and satisfying intimate life with your partner. First we'll talk about why prostate cancer treatment so often leads to sexual dysfunction, then we'll look at what you can do to improve your recovery. Next you'll read tips for communication with your partner, and then get a list of questions to ask your doctor.

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Health tips for Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) workers

Assoc. Prof. Gary Misan, Ms Chloe Oesterbroek, Centre for Rural Health and Community Development, UniSA

There is no doubt that long swings, twelve hour shifts, long hours sitting in front of computer terminals or driving machinery, as much as you can eat and drink laid out free all day every day in the mess halls, disturbed sleep patterns from shift work and feeling too tired or that there is no time to exercise make it difficult for FIFO workers to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, there are some things you can do to lessen the load and stay fit and healthy (Scott 2000).

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AIMHS Health Promotion Kits

Do you want to get serious about promoting male health?

AIMHS has just produced a complete male health promotion kit - the first of its kind in Australia.

The kit consists of a mobile stand of 40 high quality full colour brochures, covering topics on health, relationships, and mental health.

The kit also includes 8 full colour posters printed on rigid and durable plastic corflute, with positive messages for men. These posters are light enough to stick to a wall, and rigid enough to stand on their own for a range of applications.

This is the only set of resources specifically for male health promotion of its kind in Australia.

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Men's Health Peer Education Magazine

The Men's Health Peer Education (MHPE) program was funded as part of the supplementary package of support provided by the Australian Government in response to the validated findings of the Vietnam Veterans' Health Study.

The MHPE program trains volunteers to provide health information to their veteran peers to assist them in making informed lifestyle choices around their health. The program is open to all veterans or partners of veterans.

To support the MHPE volunteer network and program, a magazine is produced. Articles are contributed by MHPE volunteers; health professionals and DVA staff.

The magazine is available online and may be downloaded as a PDF document:

Current Issue

Previous Issues

You can also order a copy of the Men's Health Peer Education Magazine by completing the following order form (PDF) and emailing it to .