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Powerhouse Programs - Because Growing Up is Optional

Powerhouse Programs is the creation of Stephen Halsall and Andy Roy. Both Stephen and Andy have been heavily involved in working with men and boys through well-respected national community development organisations. Their lives and relationships have become richer for these endeavours and they take great joy in sharing this with others.

In doing this work in the community it became very clear to them that there was significantly more they could to do to bring this powerful work into the lives of a larger proportion of our society.

Stephen and Andy met in 2003 where as chance would have it, they both attended their first men only weekend in the Gold Coast Hinterland. From that fateful encounter they have become close friends and work colleagues through facilitating programs like Common Ground (a 9-week life skills course for men program), Pathways to Manhood (a week-long contemporary Rite-of-Passage for men and boys), on various organising committees for Men’s Gatherings and executive committees. In 2009 they jointly developed a Men’s Rite of Passage program which was gifted to Men’s Wellbeing Association. (

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The Odyssey Program (In-School Workshops for Adolescent Boys)

March 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to our first Newsletter for 2012. We hope you can spare a few moments to read what is new with us and how we might be able to support you and your school in bringing out the best in your boys in 2012 and beyond.

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The Rite Journey

Given the current absence of any substantial rites of passage in the Western World, young people are left to invent their own, which are often unhealthy and unsafe. The Rite Journey intends to provide young people with the opportunity of experiencing rites of passage, created and guided by caring adults.