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Share your story: A safer future for children

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is investigating how institutions like schools, churches, sports clubs and government organisations have responded to allegations and instances of child sexual abuse.

In its first 16 months of operation, the Royal Commission has travelled to every state and territory of Australia including many regional areas, to hear from more than 1,500 people in private sessions. The Royal Commission’s call centre has received over 11,000 phone calls from the public and held 11 public hearings.  

Historical data suggests that males were more likely to be sexually abused in institutions than females, and males were also likely to take more than five years longer to report that abuse. 

If you were sexually abused as a child while in the care of an institution in Australia you can share your story with the Royal Commission. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, or how long ago the abuse occurred, every person’s story is important.

The first step is to let the Royal Commission know that you are interested in sharing your story.

Call: 1800 099 340 between the hours of 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday

Email: Send an email to

Write: GPO Box 5283, Sydney, NSW 2001.

Discussing child sexual abuse can be difficult. The Royal Commission can refer survivors of child sexual abuse to counsellors or special support groups. 

For more information about the work of the Royal Commission and support services available visit or call 1800 099 340.



Man Alive South Coast 2013 (NSW)


Berry, NSW South Coast
13-15 September

Head or Heart?

As men we are generally comfortable using our heads. We think order, logic, process. What of matters of the heart: love, soul, honour, compassion?

Man Alive is a men's gathering near Berry over the weekend 13-15 September. Man Alive invites you to come and explore what it means to live with Wholeheartedness—that place where head and heart work together!

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Men's Fire Circle - All ages welcome, boys to men (Newcastle, NSW)

The 'Fire Circle' offers men an opportunity to gather together in a deep, authentic and truthful way. It's an opportunity for each man to feel the importance of learning to honour his own capacity to become more present, sit deeper within his truth, connect to his heart, offer his wisdom, and feel his connection to mother earth.

The Fire Circle is also a place where men of all ages are brought together. The purpose of this is to support the older men to continue being valuable in the community, and to offer younger men, teenagers and boys a place where they can feel accepted for who they are, and learn from the life experience and collective wisdom of their elders.

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The Journey of the Masculine - Men coming together to explore their masculinity (Newcastle, NSW)

How are men prepared for the challenges they will face throughout their lives?

Men need purposeful, truthful and resourceful time with a male community that offers them the opportunity to experience personal challenge, accountability, brotherhood, leadership and the opportunity to learn about their masculinity, relationships, emotional intimacy, career, money and overcoming limitations. These gatherings are also an opportunity to receive important teachings about men's rites of passage that offer guidance into their masculine potential.

Contact: Phil 0413 401 533

Time: 6.30- 9.30pm

Location: Waratah, Newcastle, NSW

Website Link:


EMALE Issue 120 (March 2013)

In this month's issue:

the way to being a great dad

try to see it my way report

future events

  • engaging men National Men’s Health, Wellbeing & Relationships Training Seminar March 14 & 15 Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle.
  • National Men’s Health Gathering incorporating: 7th National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention 10th National Men’s Health Conference The Men and Vulnerable Families Forum. October 22 - 25, Brisbane Convention Centre
  • 2013 Tasmanian Men's Gathering Waddamana, Tasmania March 8 – 11

news briefs

  • New warriors Information
  • Excellent new book for men with prostate cancer and their partners

Restoring Natural Harmony Weekend Workshop for Men