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The Odyssey Program: In School Workshops For Adolescent Boys

The Odyssey Program is here to help Australian teenage boys become the best men they can be!

The  Program  visits  secondary  schools with  a fun and  engaging day  of workshops jam-packed with information and activities guaranteed to have everyone thinking a little differently. (Teachers included!)

Our passionate  aim is to  challenge  adolescent males to  open up  and discuss issues that affect them all.

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Solutions for Men - Healthy lifestyle advice, counselling, psychological therapy

The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies will soon be offering a range of unique specialised services to males, including: healthy lifestyle advice, counselling, psychological therapy, and mental health support. Services to be offered within our Solutions for Men program, will be tailored specifically for males, and provided by highly trained professional practitioners.


Fewer men wanting to teach in South Australian schools

Only one in five university students who accepted offers to study primary school teaching this year is male. Provisional figures provided to The Advertiser by the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre, reveal only 47 males accepted offers to study primary school teaching degrees at the state's universities, compared with 254 women. Men instead are choosing to study secondary school teaching with 212 accepting offers. They still are outnumbered by women, with 258 planning to become high school teachers.

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Pre-Natal (Ante-Natal) Programs For Men

The following is a list of known pre-natal services for men available in Australia. If you know of any other services, please email us at and we will add them to the list.

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