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The 45 + Program - a new program to help re-employ mature-aged men

A unique new program designed and delivered by mature-aged men to help re-employ mature-aged men is now available. A Pilot for the Program has been conducted this year in both metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria. The 45 + Program Pilot was part - funded by DEEWR with an independent Evaluation fully funded by Cbus, the Building Constructing Industry Super Fund. The Evaluation is a strong validation of the merits of the program and recommends national replication. Most importantly the program has received very strong feedback from the participants themselves.

The program has a deliberate ‘men-friendly’ approach and has strong endorsement from the business community and key figures in men’s issues. The program was originally designed to address the barriers to re-employment for mature-aged people which have been fully acknowledged by the Australian Federal Government and the deliberate ‘men-friendly’ approach is essentially the same as the federal government’s ‘Peer-Based Environment’ for training mature-aged people.

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Male Health Victoria E-Newsletter – July 2012

President's Update

It's all happening!

Thanks for taking the time to read our very first e-newsletter! MHV exists to serve its members who are serving men, boys and ultimately the whole community. These newsletters will help you keep abreast of developments that affect you and them. Love to get your feedback so we can serve you better, even if you aren't a member yet!

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Swimming in the dark is no barrier for man who is blind

For many, losing their sight is the worst thing they could imagine happening to them. More than 30 years ago, this fear became reality for Melburnian, Allan Bates.

“I had an accident in my teens resulting in the loss of the left eye. I developed Sympathetic Opthalmia and my over active immune system slowly destroyed the right eye over 30 years. I am now totally blind, can't even see light and have been for about 20 years” said Mr Bates.

Instead of shying away from his vision loss, Mr Bates became more determined than ever to take on new challenges and prove to people in his life that anything is possible.

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New Parent Infant Network (NEWPIN) supporting fathers

NEWPIN offers parents and children a unique opportunity for positive changes in their lives and relationships, based on four core values of support, equality, empathy and respect. NEWPIN is a preventative, early intervention program, offering intensive work with families facing potential or actual child-protection issues. The award-winning program combines peer support, quality early education and personal development that is structured and therapeutic. NEWPIN centres are based in local communities and offer safe and supportive environments. There are six centres in Australia: Bidwill, Doonside, St Marys, Bidwill Fathers Program, (operated by UnitingCare Burnside). Geelong (operated by Bethany Community Support), Launceston (operated by Northern NEWPIN) and Canberra (operated by UnitingCare Kippax).


Victorian Men's health & wellbeing strategy background paper released

The development of the Men's health and wellbeing strategy background paper has been the initial step in the development of the first Victorian Men’s health and wellbeing strategy.

Community feedback on the background paper is now being sought to assist in the development of the final strategy. Submissions close Monday 31 May 2010.

The background paper provides the first comprehensive picture of the health and wellbeing of Victorian men. It sets out a framework and principles for responding to health issues common to men and proposes a range of priority areas for action.

The approach outlined recognises the importance of government and service providers understanding and responding to gender differences in health behaviours as well as the need to support men in improving their own health.