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Fertility and family planning survey

Please click the link below to take part in a survey about Australians' understanding of fertility and attitudes towards fertility testing. The study is being run by Alisha Thompson, Professor Kelton Tremellen and Professor Sheryl de Lacey of Flinders University of South Australia. The survey is open to Australian residents aged between 18 and 45 who do not have children.

Please follow the Survey Monkey link below:

Ethics approval and an information sheet for participants are also available.

Thank you for donating your valuable time.


What do you think women’s genitals should look like?


What do men think women’s genitals should look like? Why should anyone care?

Because women are having pieces cut off their genitals to make them conform to an idealised standard that’s been likened to a Barbie doll: smooth, hairless, and barely visible.

Do you have preferences for “innies” or “outies”, hair or no hair, and do you tell your partner about your preferences? We would like to invite men (and women) to participate in a national survey about their attitudes to women’s genitals.

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New Centre Puts Focus On Men's Health

The first Australian health care service focussed specifically on the health of men was officially opened in North Melbourne today.

The Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer and Men's Health will cater to male patients experiencing conditions such as prostate cancer, infertility, sexual dysfunction, depression and addiction.

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Men’s Research Study (sexual abuse by a biological mother)

A researcher at the University of Canberra is collecting information from Australian males about males’ experiences seeking and/or receiving counselling for sexual abuse by a biological mother.

This research has been given approval by the University of Canberra’s Committee on Ethical Human Research.

This is a 40-question, online survey.

Your response will be anonymous, and only seen by the researcher and research supervisors.

Practitioners are invited to complete a questionnaire online at The online survey is now open, until 12 December 2014. This survey focuses on practitioners background and approach to counselling males.

Males who have been sexually abused (possibly still undisclosed) and sought and/or received counselling support are invited to complete their own questionnaire online at New questions have been added to this survey, as suggested by male victims of sexual assault.

Open from 22 July 2014.

Being part of this research is your choice.


EMALE Issue 135 (June 2014)

In this month's issue:

Being a man in 2014 by Dr Peter West

Men’s Health Week June 9 - 15, 2014

Budget causes unnecessary long term pain

back pain - visit the Back Cave

news briefs

  • Men’s magazine reading linked to unwanted sexual behaviors
  • Beer based shampoo for men
  • Western Bulldogs launch 1.2 million Sons of the West men’s health program.

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