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MensWatch - Male Peer Support Training Program

Enables men
to support other men in their workplace, organisation or community.

Trains men with knowledge and skills to support other men experiencing challenges with personal, relationship or mental health issues.

Equips men to take action to prevent male suicide and self-harm.

Builds capacity in workplaces, organisations and communities for male mental health and wellbeing.

Ideal for Workplaces, Community groups, Organisations, Churches & Church associated NGOs.

Over two days (or equivalent) we teach MensWatch participants about:

  • Principles of skilled helping
  • Taking care of themselves as helpers
  • Common problems that men experience
  • Mental health
  • Helping men in a crisis
  • Self-help strategies for psychological wellbeing
  • Surviving relationship breakdown
  • Accessing the right kind of professional support

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    Healthy men at work

    Healthy men at work is an effective program which improves men’s health and wellbeing in the workplace. The program takes a practical, no fuss approach, presenting material in a men friendly and humorous manner, and provides follow up support to assist in maintaining changes. Healthy men at work addresses men in the context of their whole lives and does not just focus on physical health, but integrates emotional and social health. The program also provides a complementary focus on individual change and organisational change processes. The most challenging aspect of designing and implementing a men’s health program for most HR practitioners, is engaging men so they want to take part and remain involved. This is where we can help. Our program takes a strength based approach in our work with men; which makes it easy for men to gain knowledge on health issues and make good decisions to improve their health and achieve more in life. One of the shortfalls of men’s health and lifestyle improvement programs has been lack of sustainability.


    Tradies get health checks

    Tradesmen in the ACT and regional NSW will get a boost to their health with the launch of a government initiative that will monitor the health of building and construction workers. Launched by the OzHelp Foundation , a workplace based early intervention suicide prevention and program, the pilot Tradies Tune-Up initiative - which is proposed to go national next year - will monitor and inform tradies of their health. The initiative, which has been given $215,500 by the federal government, will see specially equipped vans and accompanying health staff set-up ‘pit-stops’ at construction and building sites where workers’ will have cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose tested. They will also receive advice on mental health, nutrition and alcohol consumption.