Articles critiquing inaccurate, biased and stereotypical reports about men, boys and gender issues, and encouraging factual reporting in stories concerning males

Some examples of the myths that we challenge are:

  • that women are “more caring” than men
  • that men are “more competitive” than women
  • that mothers are “better” or “more important” parents than fathers
  • that men who do less housework than their partners are “lazy” (when they do more paid work to compensate)
  • that women work a “double shift” or “second shift” (and men don't)
  • that women earn less than men for the same work
  • that women are significantly more likely than men to suffer violence in the home and/or from persons they know
  • that women are less likely than men to be controlling in relationships
  • that we live in a “patriarchal society” where men are valued more and have more power than women
  • that domestic violence is caused by men's desire for “patriarchal dominance” over women.

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